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Redbridge reopens!

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

The staff of the MPLR have been working flat out to carry out the alterations to Redbridge. Despite moaning at the contractors, in the end the staff voted to get out there and do it themselves. Fantastic spirit. So we loaded up the maintenance wagon and stacked a ton of wood onto the flatbed, coupled Ron to the lot and headed off.

Ron going home after a long day.jpg

In just a few short hours the supporting arches were removed and refixed to the outside of the main frame of the bridge. The staff decided to give Redbridge a quick coat of paint and off we all went to the local.

Redbridge reopens to traffic.jpg

Ron and crew on the way home for a well earned pint!

Weary Ron.jpg

Normal passenger services will resume tomorrow.

Rebuilt Redbridge.jpg

Shock Horror

Monday, July 24th, 2006

The completion of the second passenger coach for the MPLR was announced yesterday. In fact the inaugeral outing was up in Norfolk (see below). This afternoons late passenger run set off with the new coach coupled to the 1st/2nd class coach and as usual hauled by Arthur-James. Everything went well as the train set off over Moreton Bridge. A full load of passengers embarked at Bill Oddie Halt and Arthur set off to cross Redbridge and transport he passengers back to the station via Chafford Gorge when disaster struck. Or stuck might be a better way of putting it.

The fact of the matter is that Redbridge is not wide enough for the new 2nd/guard coach! The pair of hand rails fitted to the rear of the coach turned out to be the same width as the uprights on the bridge.

Paramedics were quickly on the scene and there were no serious injuries, although several passengers were treated for shock and spilt icecreams. The management have anounced this evening that, following consultation with the contractors, the bridge will need to be closed for major rebuilding.

The MPLR appologise unreservedlredbridge web.jpgy for any inconvenience caused but would point out that the nature reserve remains open to the public but that access to the hides is only possible by foot.

The photo on the left shows Redbridge just after building work was completed. The contractors insist that it was built to specifications supplied by the management . However the management reckon this is just an excuse. Er, well, maybe. Watch this space for further details

Redbridge 2 web.jpg