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A Brief look at the year

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

What a year it has been on the MPLR!

Hardly a visitor from near or from far

It started in January with the snow oh so deep

The trains couldn’t run but just slowly creep!

Then came the spring when the sun hardly shone

When everything looked all dismal and wan

So we picked up a brush to paint everything white

And didn’t it look, so lovely and bright!

The darling buds of May were brutally slain

By the big drops of rain, rain and more rain

Till the birds in their nests were all of a quiver

At thoughts of the Ark sailing down the river!

Now we’re in June and the Pits full of water

So were cancelled the Open Day because we thought we oughta!

Then soon the excitement of a discovery made

Of a church in a bush near a hedge being laid!

The summer came and went but it still wasn’t right

And Mr F C gave us all such a fright

An air of deep gloom came over the staff

It made it quite hard to have a good laugh!

But now that’s all past and it’s the end of the year,

Was it a good one? Is that what I hear?

Hamish and Terry, and Albert driver of the Railbus

All say for the MPLR it was a Annus Horribilis!!