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The ‘Winds of Change’ cause havoc….

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

The recent storm has proved to cause more problems on the MPLR than previously thought.  As you know from previous posts, the Board of Directors have had to make some serious decisions about the future of the MPLR and were just forming a plan when the recent storm blew.  Nicknamed the ‘Winds of Change’ by the staff, the hurricane strength winds wrought havoc throughout the railway despite the staffs efforts to try and secure the site.  So we thought we would share some of the photos that were taken of the aftermath.

photo 5

Many of the telegraph lines have come down causing a lot of problems throught the railway including power cuts!

photo 2









Most of the damage has been down things being loose and unfortuately somebody left the window open here on the smaller engine shed workshop.  The management was not at all happy!

photo 1

Even the bigger engine shed caught it when the doors blew off, luckily nothing was in there at the time as it was closed for a refit.

photo 3

The worst damage of all has to be to the Moreton Pit Station sgnal box as part of the roof was blown completely off and nothing was found of it!

photo 4

Pete Periwinkle, the signalman, went to inspect the damage and was so devasted that he had to sit down!  Lucky the cat was still sitting by the stove!


The Board has decided to close the MPLR until further notice while repairs are being carried out.  It hopes to re-open in the New Year and from the sound of their plans may be almost unrecognisable!  Watch this space, we will keep you informed.