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First visit to the MPLR

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

It is fitting that Ian Stock should have been the first fellow nutcase to run locos on the MPLR as we were amongst the first guests on the LBR.

Below are a short selection of pictures that show off Ians’ wonderful Roundhouse locos and rolling stock.

Here we see ‘Adolph’ preparing for the days activities.  Note the new engine shed!  Our first attempt at building a building… er, if you see what we mean..

Adolph leaving engine shed.jpg

Ian Stocks’ Russel sits waiting to collect a rake of coaches and begin passenger traffic.

Ian Stocks Russell waits on sidiings to begin days work.jpg

Here we have Ians’ Lady Anne reversing out of the sidings to begin her run.

Busy day in the yard.jpg

Just a nice picture of Ians’ Russel.  Nice isn’t it.

Ians Russel.  what a beauty.jpg

And Russell leaves Lavender Hill with a mixed goods train.

Ians Lady Anne.jpg

A snails eye view.  Some days ago, ‘Arthur’ derailed at Chafford Gorge.  Upon investigation the corpse of a snail, minus head, was discovered.  The poor creature must have been crossing the line and was not paying attention.  Ahh.  Let that be a warning to you all.  Never play on railway lines!  This picture of Ian’s Lady Ann would have been similar to the last thing the poor snail ever saw:(

Snails eye view.jpg

Passenger services all finished, the PW staff finish tidying up and ‘Ron’ hauls a few empty wagons to the gravel pit for tomorrows work.  Who gave permission to stand on top of the engine shed to take this picture.  The H&S chaps will have a heart attack!

Tidying up.jpg

All tidied up and quiet at last.

Last run of the day.jpg

A big thankyou to Ian for a very pleasent afternoon.

A busy day on the MPLR

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Today was a very busy day on the reserve and the railway. A rare sighting of the Northern Guffinhawk drew birders from far and wide, and ofcourse many of them used the railway to access the hides and country walks. Below ‘Arthur’ can be seen embarking the first of the days passengers while the PW lads set of with ‘Adolph’ and the maintenance wagon for a spot of track ‘fettling’.

Busy day 13 aug.jpg

‘Queen’ was rapidly prepared and bought into service to support ‘Arthur’ as things got busy.

Queenie entering chafford gorge1.jpg

Chafford Gorge causes constant problems as weathered rock falls onto the track and the whole area is prone to sudden slips and slumps. Some major engineering work will need to be carried out here over the winter months.

Adolph in Chafford gorge.jpg

‘Queen’ hauling the last service of the day into the station area. Well done to all the staff and supporters.

Queenie pulling in to station1.jpg