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Moreton Pit Light Railway to close…….

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

But only while repairs are being carried out! This winter has been a strain on the whole country, some parts more than others, but unfortunately the MLR has not been short of its own troubles.  apart from the

Storm damage2

atrocious winds the rain has been non-stop too.  Cripsey Brook has caused all sorts of problems with the line, ballast washed away leaving a lot of the track hanging over nothing.

storm damage3


Telegraph lines are down everywhere and most of it lying across the track which has become inaccessible due to the above mentioned ballast washing away etc


Wind damage


photo 5

A lot of the buildings haven’t faired much better and are in good need of renovation and in some cases repair.

photo 1

So, the line is to be shut few a few weeks until weather has improved and repairs have been done.  Watch this space, the MPLR will be seen in all its former glory and hopefully even better than it was before!