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A new era for the MPLR…

Friday, July 12th, 2013

After many heated discussions and meeting the Board of directors has finally come to a plan of action for the future of Moreton Quarry.  Some of you may remember that there was a proposal for the site to be sold for demolition and development.  Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately there were no buyers!  The future of the railway iteslf was at stake here as it depends on the quarry for its main income and the Quarry was in decline. but luckily it hasn’t come to the demise of the MPLR.  No, indeed an anonymous benefactor has stepped in at the last minute and although the Quarry itself will be closing the railway is going to be preserved!

So with that, the Quarry is now to be revamped with a brand new Visitor Centre and Museum!

Terry went along to oversee the new building work….


Adam had just finished the roof of the new ticket office of the brand new Moreton Quarry station where visitors will soon be able to explore the Quarry Museum and walk up to Bill Oddie Hide.


Albert in Wynne passing the new Moreton Quarry office.  It’s an exciting time for the MPLR  as the new bridge and the new look Quarry is really going to renew interest in the railway!