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The Re-Opening of the MPLR is almost here….

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

With the re-opening of the MPLR almost upon us and everything looking spit and span, a new attraction can be revealed.  It has been left derelict for almost 30 years and has been passed by many times almost as if it never existed but we have finally finished the renovations.  Perhaps you can guess what it is from a few photos that were taken today.  This one was taken through the bushes to give us our first little peak!

So to give you a helpful hint it isn’t a new road!  So here’s another one to get you guessing….

Do you know what it is yet?

Yes it has a lot to do with water and that’s what the MPLR has a lot of!  So we can’t bear it any longer and have got to show you our new pride and joy.

Yes, we have finally finished the renovations to Moreton Mill, a fully working watermill!  We are  sure that the mill will bring in many more visitors to the MPLR this summer

with walks to the mill, plenty of photo opportunities from the train, and of course guided tours round to see it working. What a lovely re-opening this is going to be!

Further to the photos we thought we’d give you a real treat and give you a quick tour round the new look MPLR just click below to watch the vid!