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A look back in wonder at 2011……

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Thought you might like to see some highlights of the year, it took us a while to find them but they were there!  January saw the disaster of the old watertower crashing to the ground what a mess that was to clear up!

February…… the race was on to build the new watertower, after all you can’t keep using buckets to fill a loco!

At least the sun's come out for a while! Eh, Hamish!

March saw the building really starting to take shape and spring was obviously on its way!

"Hello, anyone about?"

A lovely gentle month is April and spring had finally sprung as can be seen from this lovely view of Mr Bill Goodie’s garden at Railway Sidings.

On May Day the MPLR was treated to a visit by the Adderbolt Morris Men who spent the whole day dancing at all the stops on the railway!

In June the MPLR held yet another successful Open Day, this year raising money for Guide Dogs.

What could be nicer but a July wedding!

Holiday time, it’s August and the PW crew and ‘Noel’ visit another railway, the Point Clear Tramway.

September blew in and Pits Productions found themselves at the movies, literally!  They were very proud and pleased to be asked to show their latest film at the First Page Film Festival, you can read more about it and the film in the Video Shop.  Watch out next month for the public release!

October……. the Essex Potholing club make a wonderful discovery……….

And to know what that was you will have to wait until next year!  Not long now……