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” C’est catastrophique!” says Rene…..

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Just after opening for the new visitor season this Easter, Rene the Pitz Cafe owner, was devastated when he had to close again due to the roof of the building being pronounced unsafe!  The draft from under the doors was atrocious! There had a been a leak found during the winter and Adam went to investigate.

Adam is convinced it is the flat roof that's the problem!

But he wasn’t up there long before he found the cause of all the problems….

The whole of the roof needs replacing with nice new tiles, new guttering and from the look of it the building needs a good paint!

But, Pitz Cafe owner Rene Carbonet is not at all happy, after all it’s the start of his busiest time and he will be closed!

He is certainly not happy with the new arrangements, as Pete from Oddies Teas has parked his van by Lavender Hill Halt ready for all those passengers who would have gone to the Pitz Cafe!  And it looks like one customer has already been sampling the food!

When interviewed Rene said that “C’est catastrophique! How can a tea hut compare with my cafe?”

Polish Pete however was very happy to help out by moving Oddies Teas to Lavender Hill Halt until further notice.  Anyone fancy a tart?