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Right said Fred, have a cup of tea….

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

What a glorious day it has been, the birds were singing, the sun was out and finally the new water tower has started to take shape.  Job S Worthy was out today checking out on how it was coming along…

"Hello, anyone about?"

Well, it certainly is beginning to look like a building isn’t it.  He was just checking to see what’s going on when he looked round the corner and who did he see!

"Hello Job! Just admiring my pointing while having a cuppa!"

Well, they’ve still got a few things to do as you can see.  The water tank has yet to be lifted to the top and the pipework for the water, they really need to get going on this while the good weather is with us.

"Well, Fred, while I'm here I'll just have a closer look. You just finish your tea, mate!"

Oh, and the window frame has got to be put in, still not long now and it’ll be all up and running.


A Postcard from Iceland….

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Those of you who follow the goings on of the MPLR will remember well the holiday romance between our very own Miss Pugh and Haraldur the Viking.  He even came to England to visit her a few months later!

Miss Pugh and Haraldur in Iceland October 2006

Well, there was such a flurry of excitement when the postman delivered the post to the office today, because you would never believe it but Miss Pugh received a postcard from Haraldur all the way from Iceland!

Wish you were here.........


Miss Pugh was so excited she grabbed the postcard squealing and ran out of the office!  So, does she still hold a candle for Haraldur?  Will she be leaving the MPLR once again to follow her dream life with a Viking?  Does she dream of living somewhere she can feel the earth move almost every day and feel her toes sink in the hot bubbling mud?   Where no trains run……

The short answer is no, she ran to the engine shed to seek out Hamish to ask him what the loco is in picture and why is it in Iceland! So, does anyone have an answer for her out there?

Miss Pugh and Eb Scrooge working in the office

Of course Miss Pugh has changed a bit since her sabbatical in Iceland and possibly is having another little romance with the MPLR’s accountant….. But, that’s another story!