Right said Fred, have a cup of tea….

What a glorious day it has been, the birds were singing, the sun was out and finally the new water tower has started to take shape.  Job S Worthy was out today checking out on how it was coming along…

"Hello, anyone about?"

Well, it certainly is beginning to look like a building isn’t it.  He was just checking to see what’s going on when he looked round the corner and who did he see!

"Hello Job! Just admiring my pointing while having a cuppa!"

Well, they’ve still got a few things to do as you can see.  The water tank has yet to be lifted to the top and the pipework for the water, they really need to get going on this while the good weather is with us.

"Well, Fred, while I'm here I'll just have a closer look. You just finish your tea, mate!"

Oh, and the window frame has got to be put in, still not long now and it’ll be all up and running.


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