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Pit workers make an amazing discovery while clearing land for a new pit!

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Much to the annoyance of a lot of the Nature Reserves visitors and the Moreton Birdwatching Club, the board of directors decided that the scrub land next to the Pitz Cafe had to be cleared to make way for new pit workings.  There had been a lot of opposition to this and Job S Worth decided to even get a petition going!  So there were a lot of sad faces as the land started to be cleared.  It had been a wilderness for many years and there was a thick wood covering most of it.

The Cafe can just be seen through the trees


So the lads set to work, clearing, chopping, digging their way through the thicket.

Imagine their surprise when something started to appear amongst all that undergrowth!


Who would have thought it?  After all these years underneath that undergrowth they had found a small chapel!  It had been forgotten all about for hundreds of years!

After much clearing and cleaning up the little chapel started to take shape and look loved again once more!

Fancy no one noticing it there for all these years!

Job was one of the first people to enter the chapel and was thrilled not to have to start his petition, after all it is 13th century and has a preservation order on it!