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Water, water everywhere….

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

The PW boys were waiting with anticipation today as the new water tower was in use for the very first time.  As Arthur James approached they watched with pride as it pulled in to take on water.

Arthur James is the first to use the new water tower

They were all there just to make sure it worked as smoothly as possible.

Terry and Job waiting anxiously

Was there enough room for everything?  Of course there was and the boys had no need to worry at all.

Stan keeping a watchful eye on proceedings

Stan is impressed, a far better set up than the old tower he comments.

Job decides to check on the water level.

They all agreed that was it was a job well done.

Not only that, but Hamish discovered there was just enough hose to reach to wash the Landrover!

Just got time to give the Landy a quick wash....