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Work progressing well on Roundhouse ‘Katie’ class loco…

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Before progressing with the diary entry, the management would like to point out that the famous Compton Down railway now has a website at, as a result the Compton Down pages have been removed from this site.  Please, do yourself a favour and take a look.

Anyway, down to business.  During the long winter months, not a lot of work can go on out on the track, so to keep the lads amused the management decided to set them a task. Build a new loco for the summer season, we said, and my goodness aren’t they doing well. We popped into the workshop today and snapped these pics of the lads hard at work…

setting valve timing web.jpg

“The valve timing proved a bit of a problem” said Hamish, “Until William turned up, that is”. William was heard to shout “Put your backs into it boyo’s” whereupon he grabbed the spanners and got to work himself!

William putting his back into it web.jpg

Meanwhile Job cuts up kindling to start the fire for testing…

Cutting kindling for first steam up web.jpg

A waft of woodsmoke and gentle hiss of steam say’s all is well…

Hamish and William working on Katie web.jpg

Look back soon to see how the Roundhouse ‘Katie’ is coming along.

In the workshop web.jpg

Saturday, March 10th, 2007