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Call out the Lifeboats!

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

The first weekend of September saw the first Open Day of the newly renovated MPLR.  The star attraction of the day was Moreton Mill which was opened to the public for the first time.  There were queues on every platform and the staff were rushed off their feet!

'Queen' makes her way to a crowded Moreton Pit Station

'The next train arriving at....."

There was plenty of things to enjoy while waiting at the station…..

"Lovely ices just like Mama makes'

It was so busy that “Wynne” the new railbus had to have an extra carriage to take the waiting crowds to Bill Oddie Halt where they started the country walk  to Moreton Mill.

"Wynne" coming past Moreton Mill after dropping off all her passengers.

Pits Productions had decided to make a short film of the Mill and Open Day and so were on hand to photograph the event as it happened.   Mr S R Flower, the miller gave everyone a short tour of the working mill and a small sample of flour could be purchased as a souvenir!  A wonderful day was had by all and numerous cups of tea and coffee was served, plus home made cakes and biscuits.  All proceeds from the sale of the film “A Visit to Moreton Mill’  was donated to the RNLI and the princely sum of £60 was raised!  Any further copies of the film can still be purchased for £5, just email us at if you would like a copy.