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A bridge to far……

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Gone that is!  After last month and all the hue and cry over the Moreton Quarry closing and being sold off, the Board of Directors have put their heads together to see what they could come up with!  It appears that the Quarry is no longer viable and it was felt that in these times of austerity it would be pertinent to sell the land off (see the April post).  Hamish went along to investigate further……

photo 3

It certainly seems as if Moreton Quarry is past its best! But there has been so many protests against the sale, that they have had to think again.  While a firm decision as to the fate of the land is being decided it has come to the attention of everybody that Redbridge is in severe danger of falling down and has got to be replaced!


So the old bridge had to go and soon the PW boys were out there taking it down before it fell down!


We will keep you posted as to what happens next!