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French/Polish relations strained on the MPLR!

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

The MPLR has further demonstrated it’s commitment to European integration this week with the opening of a new tea hut.  It’s a long story that begun with Eb. Scrooge, the company accountant paying a visit!  Cuts must be made he said, changes must happen, and a new concession has been sold!  Seen here at Bill Oddie Halt, it looks like it has already been a great hit with the staff!


Piotr Oddiski (52) is the proud owner of Oddie Teas.  ‘Tak jest, I werry happy to be in your fine country’ he said.  So, he seems pleased to be able to trade on the MPLR reserve and has already been nicknamed by his customers as ‘Polish Pete’.


However, not everyone is happy to see this new arrival.  Rene Carbonet (50), said to our reporter ‘Mon Dieu, zis is terriblement!  Is not easy making ends meet as it is, now zis!  Malheuresment, vot wiz ze credit crunch, ve do not know ‘ow we will make ze living’.


Eb Scrooge, our accountant was unrepentant, however.  ‘In these difficult times we must maximise all opportunities to increase the profits.  Indeed, this year we may be using the diesel engines to run the Christmas Special, coal becoming so expensive’, he said.


Well, that does sound bad news!  Meanwhile we would like to welcome Mr Oddiski to the MPLR and wish him every success in his new venture.  By the way, he did say that he always throws the fag ash over the side before serving the food.