Guided Tour

In response to repeated requests from members of the public, we have updated the pictorial guided tour of the railway, again! To save costs and not to disrupt the regular passenger traffic we hopped aboard the first passenger run of the day. Luckily, not many passengers are about this early in the morning. Below Arthur James is in the foreground, Jessie infront of the big engine shed and Wynne the railbus has just left her engine shed and it is Wynne that we will be joining for this tour. All three loco’s will be in great demand today. 


View of the Engine sheds

There will be lots of people joining us today with such fine weather, and Mario with his ice-cream cart is doing a roaring trade!

'The next rain arriving..."


As Wynne comes along the tracks she passes the newly built water tower seen on the right.

View from the cab of Wynne

As we leave the station we pass the old garage.  We keep meaning to scrap that old 2CV.

And we arrive at Lavender Hill Halt…

Lavender Hill Halt

If we took the footpath from behind the Pitz Cafe we can get a fine view of Mr Bill Goodie, the Reserve Managers house.

A nice Essex pink

Continuing our journey, we carry along Viaduct Sidings

Vincent entering Viaduct Sidings

And are soon heading for the tunnel…

Vincent about to enter the tunnel

After the tunnel we arrive at the Gravel Pits, which are closed today.

We travel on past the Gravel Pits, crossing the end of Red Bridge and on towards Chafford Gorge.
As we round the corner of Chafford gorge we come across the nearly renovated Moreton Mill.  the MPLR is very proud of our own working water mill!!
The Mill looks very busy today!
Looks like there’s a queue!
Carrying on down from Chafford Gorge, Moreton Bridge comes into view…

Looking across at Bill Oddie Halt

Coming from this direction we would not normally cross Moreton Bridge but the photographer decided to take a few shots to give you a better view!

Vincent steaming across Moreton Bridge

And another nice one across from Bill Oddie Halt.
We cross Moreton Bridge before returning to the station…
And, finally, we take a look at the station area from the roof of the engine shed.  H+S chap had a fit!
More piccys to be added soon, please pop back for a look!