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Working in a winter wonderland…..

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Another bright sunny February morning saw more snow on the line today.  The PW boys take it all in their stride now after the January ‘Snow-megedon’!  Out came Basil, just perfect for this fine dusty stuff and better take a shovel with you just in case it has drifted.



Basil copes well with this type of snow and has been very handy this year, so far.

The boys were right, it is a bit deeper further out on the reserve and soon the shovels will have to be out!febweb8.jpg


As they pass Bill Goodies’ house (Reserve Manager) he calls out to let them know that the rare Guffinhawk has been seen hunting again.


They are soon on their way again, after all there’s a lot of track to prepare for all those visitors who will be flocking to catch a glimpse of the Guffinhawk.  You never know we might even get some twitchers!