The MPLR has an Open Day!

Monday, July 17th, 2017

Staff have been very busy early this Summer when F Controller decided to have an Open Day.  New seating benches were purchased and a lot of polishing and painting when into them to make them look magnificent.

 They even have the MPLR initials in ‘wrought iron’ on the ends!

Even Moreton Pit Station was tidied up.

Mr F Controller wanted to put on a ‘good show’ so Vincent and Willie were made ready and waited their turn at Moreton Pit Station.


We had a couple of visiting locos enjoying the sunshine and the hospitality of the MPLR.


And some were just relaxing as they took in the delights!

And of course the Adderbolt Morris Men had been dancing all day at the Adderbolt Arms in Lavender Hill Hamlet!

But, the highlight of the day was when Gwynedd our fine Dacre loco was seen running so well round the railway and pulling a fine set of coaches too!

Flaming June, but not in the right way!

Sunday, June 11th, 2017

The MPLR Point of Way staff were not at all amused today when they were called first thing this morning as someone reported a blockage on the line.  Not far from Lavender Hill there was a large amount of branches and foliage across the track.  There appeared to have been a fire!

Job, Hamish and Terry were sent along to investigate.

This certainly wasn’t going to be cleared quickly, and they managed to get a wagon and some tools along to help them with the clearing up.  They set to work quickly.





As they were clearing it soon became apparent the reason for the fire!

It was an old 2CV that had apparently been dumped and set on fire, they were not at all happy!  This was going to take them most of the day to clear up!

Well, let’s hope that the boys got to the Adderbolt Arms in time for a well deserved drink!