Ladies and Gentleman we are proud to announce the arrival of……..

Wynne the new addition to the MPLR stable, a much kit-bashed IP Engineering Railbus!  Yes, she finally made it on to the tracks last Sunday.  Her livery is still be to finished as Mrs F Controller is not happy with her colour but she is fully working and was a delight to drive round the MPLR.

Albert carefully takes her along Viaduct Loop

Albert has quickly volunteered to be her main driver as apparently it reminds him of “when he was a lad in Ireland”.  But he seems to have taken to her like a duck to water and we had a lot trouble getting him out of it, he seemed glued to the seat!

Donald , Workshop Manager inspecting Wynne before the trial run

Well, enough of these photos we have got the real thing for you to have a look at so just click on the short film below as you are in for a real treat!

Amazing this computer stuff isn’t it!

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