Snow stops play……

Too much snow on the line stops the Christmas Special

Nothing much stops the MPLR from going about its business but unfortunately the latest snowfall has put rather a halt to the running of this years Christmas Special!  Father Christmas was still very busy mind and was happy to see all the children that had come to see him.

Father Christmas handing out presents

Polish Pete was very busy as usual and was his usual jolly self.

Oddie Teas was doing a roaring trade in mince pies and hot chocolate!

Here are some other photos of around the MPLR.

Bob Goodie Reserve Managers house surrounded by snow!

Redbridge is almost impassable

It’s been a funny year on the MPLR,  with the refurbishment of the station area and the opening of Moreton Mill, so all the staff are looking forward to a much busier  2011.

After the Christmas Party!

So , all we can say is that on behalf of all the staff on the MPLR we would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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